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"When Victoria asked me what color scheme I wanted for our country house, I remember mumbling something about reds and yellows of Marrakesh, or maybe purples, or yellows, or then again, there are some fabulous rusty oranges.... I wasn't sure. It's a new house, modern construction, and until that point I had focused on organic materials rather than which stripe of the rainbow my house should live in. Victoria nodded, kept on looking, measuring, looking, suggesting, pondering, staring, looking around and around. Because I trust her enough to leave things in her hands, she showed up with swatches a few days later. Teals, denin blues, sage greens. It was a surprise, because I hadn't even said the word blue, I don't think. But I loved them all, and have worked with her enough to just go with it.

Months go by, fabrics are now on couches, chairs, etc. I spend a weekend at the house. The house has many windows and the colors of the mountains and the sky always stop me in my tracks at this time of year. I can't get over the fullness of late spring, when every leaf is gorging on sunlight. It's like that moment when the photograph finally reaches its brightest intensity in the chemical bath of the dark-room tub. The green is still a lemony fresh color, not the mature, drooping darker green of late summer. And of course there was the blue sky, unobscured by humidity or clouds. And I suddenly realized there was the green and blue, that Victoria just INTUITED were the right colors for this house. It is as if she brought that spring inside to live in all year round. That's the thing about Victoria, she isn't just a designer, she's a mind-reading artist who knows what you want even when you yourself can't see beyond the sea of choices."
- Delia Marshall

"Victoria Klein's sage advice gave me the courage to go ahead and create a decor for my classic six on Park Avenue that I love every single day. She understood my taste, helped me realize it and saved me from costly mistakes."
- Elaine Kamarck, The Kennedy School at Harvard

"Now I no longer have to tug my husband in the middle of a movie and whisper, 'what about those curtains for our living room?' Victoria Klein has given me the house of my dreams. It's like living in a Henry James novel, without the angst."
- Sarah
Payne Stuart

"Victoria has a sixth sense in blending colors and textures together."
- Mrs. Catherine Wachs, Larchmont, NY

"We have retained the services of Victoria Klein to design three different offices over the past two years. The work she does is remarkable. In fact people comment daily on what a pleasure it is to come to our offices. Her design of our offices was a brilliant use of space. In addition, her use of color, light and fabric enliven the environment making the staff efficient and energized. She is a quintessential professional, she is efficient, comes in at or below price and is enormously creative finding unique pieces of furniture lighting and artwork. As a customer related to me recently 'Your space makes me feel like I am important.'"
- Lee Bowes, President and CEO, America Works

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[March 2012]

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