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I love the act of creating individual personality, beauty, style, and comfort for each space. Every room should bring pleasure and even inspiration into our lives.
--Victoria Klein

Victoria believes that rooms in our homes reflect the rooms inside our minds.

"Design is not about just moving pretty objects about -
but having a real intelligence and context behind it."

Victoria's design approach combines this mindfulness and her experience in couture, costumes, and fashion (plus a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley) with her lifelong fascination with color, travel, textiles, and historic preservation. According to House Beautiful magazine, Victoria's work is "about creating a true reflection of one’s life in a home." The result: living, breathing, classic designs that liberate style from fad.

Victoria has designed the interiors of homes and offices in Westchester and Fairfield Counties, Manhattan, Shelter Island, and Washington D.C. She is also well known for her custom design of furniture, curtain hardware, lamps and shades - the "dressmaker details" of interior design that make each of her projects unique. She brings an international perspective to her work, drawing on themes and resources from her frequent visits to Europe and Asia.

Victoria's historic preservation work with non-profit groups in New York and California has helped preserve historic neighborhood features and has inspired innovative usage of classic architecture.